Change Requirement Chat Color When Completed!

The config that you see above. all in the rankups.yml!

    requirements-not-met: |-
      &4&m+                                       +
      &cYou need
      &c- {{rank.requirement('money').done ? '&d' : '&c'}}${{rank.requirement('money').progress | money}} / ${{rank.requirement('money').total | money}}
      &cto rankup from &7&l%rankup_current_rank%&r&c to &e&l%rankup_next_rank%&r&c!
      &4&m+                                       +

Let's break it down:

  • {{rank.requirement('money').done ? '&d' : '&c'}}
    • {{rank.requirement('money) Specifies the target.
    • .done Is a boolean, Meaning it outputs true or false. In Rankup, it outputs true if the requirement is fulfilled.
    • ? '&d' : &c This is the "picker" if the boolean (.done) returns true, it uses '&d' and if false then '&c'.
    • Recap: Placeholder checks if requirement is done or not and outputs the appropriate field ('&d' or '&c') accordingly.

  • {{rank.requirement('money').progress | money}}
    • Amount player has.
  • {{rank.requirement('money').total | money}}
    • The total amount required.

The important bit

{{rank.requirement('money').done ? '&d' : '&c'}}

How to change...

  • The color when completed:
    • Change the '&d', Hex codes work.
  • The color when incomplete:
    • Change the '&c', Hex codes work.
  • The requirement:
    • Change 'money'.