RanksGUI Settings

Default values can be found on the master branch in the github repository here.

  title: "Ranks"
  rows: 3
  width: 7
  offset: 10


title: is the text at the top of the inventory GUI. You can apply color codes to it.


rows: defines the number of rows in the inventory GUI. rows: is lower and upper bounded by 1 and 6. Any number in this range is allowed. The Minecraft Inventory doesn't allow for GUIs bigger than 6.


width: defines the number of tiles occupied by ranks in each row. The default is 7 and the number can range from 1 to 9 inclusive.


offset: defines the slot where the ranks will begin in the inventory. 0 would start the ranks in the very first slot of the inventory (from top left to bottom right). Rankup's default is 10, which is on the second row.

GUI Sizing

Your configuration will provide for a limited range of valid tiles in the inventory to represent rankup steps on the ladder.
The maximum number of rankup steps which can be displayed is limited to a double chest's inventory (54).
Using more than 54 rankup steps or misconfiguring the GUI will cause a range error.
Tiles in the inventory not occupied by a rankup step will use fill:.
The offset: value depends on rows: and width:. Its valid range is always 0 to (rows: times width:) minus one.
Example: When rows: 6 and width: 9 then (6 * 9) - 1 = 53.

Visualization of the maximum number of tiles using offset: 0, rows: 6, and width: 9.

How To Add Lore

In rankups.yml

Usually the preferred method. Provides settings per-rankup to override the locale.

In a locale

Allows changing all rankup step GUIs from a single file like en.yml. This is especially useful for configurations where requirements for each rankup step are all the same/similar or when managing a ladder with lots of rankup steps.


In your rankups.yml or locale file add lore: under complete:, current:, and incomplete: inside ranksgui:. Add the ranksgui: section if it isn't present.

Alternatively, for each rankup step in rankups.yml paste a copy the following:

  rankup: # Make sure you do not have a duplicate `rankup`.
      title: "Ranks"
      rows: 3
      width: 7
      offset: 10
        material: GREEN_STAINED_GLASS_PANE
        name: "&aRank &7{{ next.rank }} &a(completed)"
        lore: "Very Lore"
        name: "&dRankup to &7{{ next.rank }}"
        lore: "Much\nLore"
        material: RED_STAINED_GLASS_PANE
        name: "&cRank &7{{ next.rank }} &c(requires rankup)"
        lore: |-
      # fill: can use all of material: name: lore: too!

We recommend the FAQ on YAML questions for more information on multi-line syntax used in this lore: example.

Customize Your Items!

  • Make material: for incomplete:, current:, and complete: to customize the items your rankups use at each state and even per step! Item names must match the name in the Spigot ENUM for materials.