Welcome to the Rankup3 wiki created by Okx!

The Rankup3 wiki is being updated and maintained by NicBOMB and flurbudurbur.

Quick Start Guides

Basic Configuration

A step-by-step walk-through to get started with Rankup3!


Advanced Configuration

Instructions to configure messages and other interactions.



Identifies and describes all commands provided by Rankup3.

Rankups & Prestiges

Outlines for each configuration files' sections.
Includes formatting/indentation guidelines for rankups and prestiges.

Placeholder Engine

Learn how to use Rankup's placeholder engine to your advantage.


List of requirements.


List of included placeholders, old and new. Rankup3 has PlaceholderAPI support! No ecloud download required!

Still Looking?

If none of the prior sections had what you were looking for, try these pages!


A page with responses to the most frequently asked questions.

For Developers

Interested in contributing or making your own set of requirements? Then this is the page you want to check out!

Test Coverage

Unit tests: https://okx.sh/rankuptest/

Mutation tests: https://okx.sh/rankuppitest/