Methods tell the placeholder engine what part of the result you want.

Only methods used to display a value regarding a requirement are listed below. For more or different methods, refer to the Placeholder Engine page.

doneTrue or false depending on if the requirement is complete.{{ rank.requirement('money').done }}
totalDisplays total amount required.{{ rank.requirement('money').total }}
progressAmount done of a requirement.{{ rank.requirement('money').progress }}
remainingAmount left of a requirement.{{ rank.requirement('money').remaining }}
percentGoes from 0 to 100.{{ rank.requirement('money').percent }}
quotientLike percent, but goes from 0 to 1.{{ rank.requirement('money').quotient }}


The pipe symbol | and the filter name will apply it.
Filters alter a result's output.
The number formatting of simple, money and percent are customizable in the placeholders: section of config.yml.

simpleFormats result to be whole numbers.{{ rank.requirement('xp-level').total | simple }}
percentFormats result to be ##.#. Use with percent method.{{ rank.requirement('money').percent | percent }}
moneyFormats result to be ###,###.##.{{ rank.requirement('money').total | money }}
shortmoneyFormats result to a letter{{rank.requirement('money').total | shortmoney }}

Using filters is recommended for displaying any non-integer number, otherwise the formatting may be too exact (for example, 0.2000000001 or 4.0). The simple filter is recommended for most use cases.