Installation Questions

What Rankup version do I need for Minecraft version 1.18/1.17/1.16/1.15/1.14/1.13/1.12/1.11/1.10/1.9/1.8/1.7?

The latest Rankup version supports all Minecraft Spigot server versions. Only Minecraft Versions 1.13+ support all Rankup features.
An example of features that don't function in versions 1.12 or older includes any requirements: that check the Vanilla statistics menu since these are not available in 1.12 or lower due to major changes.
Rankup remained compatible with 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, and 1.18 on release and is expected to maintain compatibility when Spigot and other dependencies become available/stable.
Always keep plugins like Rankup up-to-date.
Try to update to the latest version of Minecraft to maintain compatibility for all of Rankup's features.

What Servers Can I Use With Rankup?

Rankup supports Spigot and Paper. Ensure you are on the latest version before asking for support. CraftBukkit is known to not work with Rankup, and other forks are not guaranteed to be compatible.

What should I save when migrating to a new host?

When migrating, first you should make a copy of all the files in your /plugins/rankup directory to use on the new host.
Then use the migration information included with your permission plugin to maintain players' rankups on the new host.

Starter Questions

Why Does /rankup say You need <amnt> money to rankup.

You can read about why this message is displayed in this section of the Configuration Example.
You can read about how to change the message's contents in this section of the Configuration Example.

How Does Rankup Handle Prefixes?

Rankup does not manage prefixes! Consult your permission group and/or chat plugins.
If you followed this wiki's recommendation to use LuckPerms, you can learn about Prefixes and Suffixes on the LuckPerms wiki!
LuckPerms can also support multiple prefixes via Prefix Stacking

Where are a players' rankups stored in Rankup?

Rankup doesn't save them!
Instead, your permission plugin stores a player's group information and provides it to Vault.
Rankup uses what's provided to Vault to place a player on the ladder if possible. (example: a player's primary-group in LuckPerms)

Do I need to add a command to manually change a player's group?

No, Rankup automatically changes a player's groups when permission-rankup: false (default).
Learn about when and how to use permission-rankup: true.

Does Rankup Clear Player's Other Permission Groups?

Rankup only applies/removes the groups specified in a rankup step written in your rankups.yml when permission-rankup: false (default).
When permission-rankup: true, you change those groups manually.
See the Permission Rankup page for more information.

Why Does my Rank/Prestige not Change After /rankup or /prestige?

This is a known issue if using GroupManager. GroupManager does not support Vault correctly, as it has not been updated since 1.7.
If you are on any permission manager not supported by Vault, like GroupManager or PermissionsEx, there are steps to migrate to LuckPerms, the permissions plugin used in this wiki's example configurations.
Otherwise, make sure the group you want to rankup to actually exists in your Vault-Compatible group management plugin.
Verify the group is named identically to the rankup step's rank: and next: in your rankups.yml.
If using /prestige, also verify prestiges have been enabled in config.yml.

Why Aren't Placeholders Replaced in Messages From /ranks, /rankup, /prestiges, and /prestige?

Try updating Rankup3! A new placeholder engine was added in version 3.12.
If your files use Old Placeholders, upgrade to their new Pebble Placeholder variants.
Though the Old Placeholders remain supported, they offer fewer customization options.
We recommend using a 'find all and replace with' operation on each Old Placeholder for the new Pebble Placeholders.
You can find examples comparing the Pebble Placeholders and Old Placeholders at the bottom of the Config Placeholders page.

Why Don't Players Automatically Rankup When autorankup-interval: is Non-Zero?

Players also need the permission Though enabled by default, you may have negated it.

Does /prestiges Have a GUI Similar to ranksgui:?

Though ranksgui: is available in Rankup 3.10 or newer, /prestiges currently has no dedicated gui.

When Executing /rankup3 reload, What Actually Gets Reloaded?

Files like the rankups.yml, prestiges.yml, and selected locale are reloaded as described in the Commands Reference.
However, the reload command executes the reload function which only reads all the prior listed files and config.yml. The only contents of config.yml which should get repopulated during a reload at runtime are autorankup-interval: and permission-rankup:, but it's recommended to fully restart if changing any config.yml content.

Error Questions

A command replied An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command

You should always read the console after a command fails and while starting your server.
This message is only used to indicate a problem. It provides no information intentionally.
Rankup will NEVER send detailed errors to chat.
Share only the errors from console in discord when troubleshooting after receiving this message in chat.

Rankup3 Errors at Startup and /rankup3 reload! What's Wrong?

Always execute /rankup3 reload from, or while watching, your server console.
This way you can see any error as it gets generated.
Read through the error's readable text.
The plugin will often describe parsing errors in the console by providing line and column numbers to the problem in your file.
You can also validate your yaml syntax with a validation service like CodeBeautify.

Why Does /rankup say Sorry, but we could not find any rankups for the group(s) you are in. Use /ranks to list the rankups.?

The sender of /rankup does not belong to a permission group listed in your rankups.yml.
Fix your rankups.yml to utilize the correct group name or permission node or change the player's permission groups in your permission manager to match their actual progress on the rankup ladder.

Multiple root rankup nodes detected (a root rankup nodes is a rankup that does not have anything that ranks up to it). This may lead to inconsistent behaviour.

You can only have one rankup ladder!
Each rank at the bottom/beginning of a ladder is called a "root" node. The root node indicates the start of a rankup ladder.
For each error listing a conflicting root node, you have 1 + error count root nodes.
Fit unwanted root node back into the primary rankup ladder or remove the extraneous node and all rankup steps along its ladder of next: nodes if they exist.

[Server] INFO Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index (number) out of bounds for length (number)

If you see this line in your error, your GUI has been misconfigured.
Check that all fields of your ranksgui: and gui: are accurate and will create a valid GUI.

Unable to parse message, please check console

If you see this line in your error, one of your messages has been misconfigured.
The error in console is now entirely readable text describing solutions to this error.

Requirement Questions

How do I Convert playtime-minutes to Hours or Days?

Use math operators in a pebble template to change the output of the placeholder.

How do I use Data From Another Plugin as a Requirement?

See the custom requirements tutorial or developer page.

YAML Questions

How should I make changes to the plugin files?

Use a source code editor like Kate/Atom/Visual Studio Code/etc. when editing the files to "syntax highlight" or color the functional code.
You should edit the plugin's files in an editor with YAML syntax highlighting whenever possible.

Which Sections Provided in rankups.yml and/or prestiges.yml Should be Replaced/Removed?

You must remove, replace, or integrate any functional code from the examples otherwise you may encounter unexpected results/errors.
Code following a "#" is known as a comment. Comments are non-functional code which the plugin will ignore and are used to embed notes in the files.
You can safely ignore or remove the comments and refer to the rankups.yml file in this repository if you prefer.
Make sure to preserve the syntax of your own functional code when deleting large sections of the files.

How do I write multi-line messages?

tl;dr use either |- and newlines or double quotes and \n

Example Block Style with |-
message: |-

will appear in chat as



Example Double Quoted Style with \n
message: "firstline\nsecondline"

will appear in chat as


Of these two, the first is recommended by Okx.
The other newline behavior options detailed in are not recommended for beginners and are not included in default configurations.

Discord Server Questions

How do I Share Information on the Discord Server?

Discord can highlight your code when submitted as a file with the .yml extension or in a code block like the following:

  rank: 'foo'
  next: 'bar'
  requirement: []

Refrain from sharing large chunks of code using the above method.
Submitting a .yml file or pastebin link to your files is always preferred!
Don't post images of files!

Help! I was kicked from the Discord Server!

When you rejoin, make sure to read the #readme channel and pinned messages in the support channels before asking or replying.

Help! I was banned from the Discord Server!

You can send Okx a spigot message to request an unban. Access is not guaranteed for those who violate the server's or Discord's rules.