If a player doesn't have enough to meet any D=yes requirement, none will be taken.

Scroll down for soft-dependent requirements.

Subreq indicates the requirement uses sub-requirement syntax.
Deduct indicates the requirement will deduct the specified amount from the player.

moneynumbernoyesTakes the specified amount
from the player's balance.
money 1000
moneyhnumbernonoChecks the player's balance for
at least the specified amount.
moneyh 10000
xp-levelnumbernoyesTakes the specified amount of
xp-levels from the player.
xp-level 30
xp-levelhnumbernonoChecks the player's xp-levels for
at least the specified amount.
xp-levelh 50
playtime-minutesnumbernonoHow long a player has
been online, in minutes.
Uses the Minecraft statistic.
playtime-minutes 120
grouptextnonoRequires a player to be in
at least one of a list of
groups, separated by spaces.
group vip mvp
permissiontextnonoRequires player to have at least
one of a list of permissions,
separated by spaces.
permission permission.two
worldtextnonoRequires a player to be in
any of the worlds listed,
separated by spaces.
world my_world_nether my_world_the_end
player-killsnumbernonoPlayers killed.
Uses the Minecraft statistic.
player-kills 15
total-mob-killsnumbernonoThe total amount of
mob kills a player has.
total-mob-kills 500
mob-killsnumberyesnoMobs of the
specified type killed.
Uses the Minecraft statistic.
mob-kills Skeleton 100
itemnumberyesyesThe amount of items
a player currently has.
item DIAMOND 64
itemhnumberyesnoAs prior, but
does not deduct the items.
itemh GLASS 64
use-itemnumberyesnoThe amount of times
a player has used an item.
use-item DIAMOND_SWORD 200
block-breaknumberyesnoThe amount of times
a player has broken a block
block-break STONE 1000
craft-itemnumberyesnoThe amount of times
a player has crafted an item
craft-item STONE_BRICKS 256
advancementtextnonoChecks for a specific
Minecraft advancement
advancement story/obtain_armor

Soft-Dependent Requirements

What are Soft-dependent Requirements?

These requirements expect another plugin dependency to be installed as well. If you don't have the plugin you're using a requirement from installed, THEY WILL NOT WORK

placeholdertextnonoOperation can be any of:
=, <, >, <=, >=, ==
Compares the PAPI with the
string via the operation.
= doesn't convert
the data type of
the string
or placeholder.
All other operations will
convert to a double first.
placeholder %papi_placeholder% <operation> string
placeholder %server_tps% >= 19
mcmmonumberyesnoRequires a player to have
a certain level in an
McMMO Skill also named here.
mcmmo skillname number
mcmmo archery 1000
mcmmo-power-levelnumbernonoRequires a player to have
a certain power level in McMMO.
mcmmo-power-level 500
advancedachievements-achievementtextnonoAt least one
of certain
advanced achievements,
separated by spaces.
advancedachievements-achievement own_shop start_town
advancedachievements-totaltextnonoThe total number of advanced
achievements a player has.
advancedachievements-total 20
votingplugin-votestextnonoThe amount of votes
a player has,
counted by VotingPlugin.
votingplugin-votes 10
towny-residentboolnonoRequires a player to
(not) be a resident of a town.
towny-resident true
towny-mayorboolnonoRequires a player to
(not) be a mayor of a town.
towny-mayor true
towny-kingboolnonoRequires a player to
(not) be a king of a nation.
towny-king true
towny-mayor-residentsnumbernonoThe amount of residents
a player's town has
(need to be mayor).
towny-mayor-residents 10
towny-king-residentsnumbernonoThe amount of residents
a player's nation has
(need to be king).
towny-king-residents 10
towny-king-townsnumbernonoThe amount of towns a
player's nation has
(need to be king).
towny-king-towns 10
tokenmanager-tokensnumbernoyesThe amount of tokens from
the plugin TokenManager.
tokenmanager-tokens 10
tokenmanager-tokenshnumbernonoAs above,
without deduction
tokenmanager-tokensh 10