How to Prestiges.yml

Each heading: in prestiges.yml defines a Prestige from the current rank: group to the next: group, transitionary from: group to: group sections, and some requirements:.

Prestiges when enabled in config.yml are similar to Rankups but require 1 to 2 more headings than the minimal Rankup example.

Unlike Ranks, Prestiges do not currently support the GUI list features.

On rank: and next:

See the prior documentation of rank: and next:.

On from: and to:

If you have group-based rankup disabled (permission-rankup: true), these options are not mandatory and will do nothing if used.
The from: and to: sections are only used in prestiges.
from: defines the group on the Rankup ladder a player may prestige at.
to: defines the group on the Rankup ladder a player is moved to on completion.
Specify groups by following the same rules as rank: and next:. The zero-ith or first prestige is different from latter prestiges because it requires only 1 permission group (from:) but adds 2 groups (to: and next:).
More on this in the Dual Track Setup tutorial. Subsequent prestiges require both from: and rank: to be specified.

first: # heading:
  from: 'B' # the required and removed on completion permission group
  to: 'A' # the assigned permission group (typically on the Rankup ladder)
  next: 'P1' # the assigned prestige permission group
  requirements: # same as in Rankups
    - 'money 10000'

In this example, when a player completes B rank, they will be able to /prestige to P1. If you are using group-based rankups (permission-rankup: false, they will be removed from group B (the from: group), and added to the group A (the to: group) and the P1 group (the next: group).

Message Me!

Similar to customizing locale messages with rankup:, prestiges use the prestige: to customize messages per-prestige by following the same structure of the section by the same name in the locale. All message fields accept all Placeholders including all PlaceholderAPI placeholders! prestige: is not available in rankups.

prestige2: # heading:
  from: 'member'
  to: 'guest'
  rank: 'p1'
  next: 'p2'
    requirements-not-met: "&cYou need {{ rank.requirement('money').total | money }} money to rankup."

What's Special About Prestiges?

Prestige-Based Requirements

You can specify requirements by prestige in your rankups!

For example, if you had ranks A and B, and the prestiges P1 and P2, you might have this in your rankups.yml:

a: # heading:
  rank: 'A'
  next: 'B'
    default: # used when a player hasn't prestiged
      - 'money 100'
    p1: # used in p1
      - 'money 200'
    p2: # used in p2
      - 'money 300'

When a player successfully ranks up from A to B, one of three things will happen:

  1. They will be charged $100 when they have not yet prestiged
  2. They will be charged $200 when they have prestiged to p1
  3. They will be charged $300 when they have prestiged to p2

This is the most significant difference between prestiges: false and prestiges: true


You may also add the following sections to enable further features:

1. commands:

commands: follows the format of requirements:. Each command listed is executed in-order after successfully meeting the requirements, executing /rankup, and confirming the rankup. Commands do not require a preceding / to execute.

CommandsExample: # "heading:"
  rank: 'A'
  next: 'B'
    - 'player-kills 1'
    - 'say {{player}} ranked up to {{next.rank}} at %world_time_world% in world: %world_name_world%' # requires PAPI and /papi ecloud download world
    - 'execute at {{player}} run playsound minecraft:ui.toast.challenge_complete player {{player}} ~ ~ ~' # plays a sound for the player
    - 'execute at {{player}} run particle minecraft:firework ~ ~1 ~ 1 1 1 0 30 normal' # makes a firework particle cloud on the player
    - 'title {{player}} subtitle {"text":"Congratulations!","bold":true,"color":"aqua"}' # adds a subtitle to the player's screen
    - 'title {{player}} title {"text":"Rankup!","bold":true,"color":"light_purple"}' # adds a title to the player's screen

You may define as many commands as you like in the list. They support all placeholders including PlaceholderAPI placeholders.

2. prestige:

prestige: is the complementary keyword to rankup: used in Prestiges. See the prior chapter for usage instructions.

  next: 'P1'
  from: 'member'
  to: 'guest'
    - 'money 1000000'
    requirements-not-met: "You don't have enough money!"