Your First Rank

Each Rankup or Prestige is a step on their respective ladder

Each Prestige can also slide players down or up the Rankup ladder

/ranks displays the entire Rankup "Ladder" or discrete set of available Rankup steps

/prestiges displays the entire Prestige "Ladder" when enabled

Starting to Format

  • Each rankup needs a heading:1, rank:2, next:3, and requirements:4 to be valid.
  • The last rankup of a ladder (all the ranks) should refer to the last rank in next:. This rank should not be the rank: of any other step.
  • The prior also applies to prestiges' rank: and next:.
    IMPORTANT: If you change the configuration file while the server is running, some settings may not be applied until the next restart. However, you can safely work on the rankups.yml, prestiges.yml, and locale files while the server is running and use the command /rankup3 reload or /pru reload to apply saved changes from those files. Reloading Rankup with the command will not cause issues. Errors may occur while reloading when the files contain invalid user-generated YAML code.

head:: The unique ID used to identify the rankup step.


rank:: The group name your player will be for them to count as that rankup step.


next:: The group name your player will be after succesfully ranking up.


requirements:: the conditions the player must satisfy in order to be able to rank up.

First Example

This example will provide the basis for the entire tutorial.

  rank: 'default'
  next: 'member'
    - 'xp-level 5' # the indentation of 2 spaces is very important
    # YAML files are whitespace and format sensitive.

First Example Line By Line Breakdown

  1. defaultToMember: Indicates the subsequent indendented subsections are part of a rankup step on the ladder. The text defaultToMember must only be unique from all other heading: sections.
  2. rank: 'default' Sets the group players must be in to be able to use this rankup step from "default". (default is our example current group in {{ rank.rank }})
  3. next: 'member' Sets the group assigned to the player when they've met the requirements and use /rankup to complete this rankup to "member". ('member' is our example next group in {{ next.rank }})
  4. requirements: This begins the list of requirements section.
  5. - xp-level 5 This example assumes the only requirement we want for a player to rankup is 5 xp levels as deducted (as a sort of payment). If we wanted to let players keep their xp levels when ranking up, we could check how many xp levels they have with xp-levelh (compare) instead of xp-level (deduct). Rankup will only take the given number of any requirement (xp-level 5 here) away once a player successfully ranks up. We only used one requirement for this example, but you can have many different kinds of requirements by following the above format.

Follow the links provided in 1 through 5 to see more detailed descriptions of these sections.

After replacing the default example in rankups.yml with the first example, now we're ready to /rankup3 reload to apply the changes while the server is running.

Group Management

Assuming all users start with the 'default' group, anyone should be able to immediately see the rankup as Current or in-progress!
Before trying to complete the rankup, let's create the group member, otherwise Rankup won't change the player's groups.
To create our group we'll be using the LuckPerms creategroup command.

/lp creategroup member

Now, make sure your primary group in LP is default and then type /rankup to rankup the ladder to member.

Let's say you don't have the xp levels needed. It will say in chat:

You need {{ rank.requirement('money').total | money }} money to rankup.

You might think something went wrong, but that's not the case! This is the default message when you don't meet some requirements.