Playtime Formatting - Official Rankup Wiki

Playtime Formatting

When you use the playtime requirement, you might want a different format than Rankup offers. Here you will learn how to do it and get a couple extra tips & tricks on top.

Default Values & Desired Results

The default output of the unformatted playtime-minutes placeholder is <amount>.0. The placeholder {{ rank.req('playtime-minutes').total }} outputs minutes by default. If you want to change that, you'll need to use math to either divide or multiply the output of the playtime-minutes requirement to get your desired result.

Another way to further customize your placeholder is to format it with a filter. We recommend you use the simple filter. Keep in mind that the filter must be appended at the complete end. The following placeholders won't include the filter, so if you want it you'll have to add it yourself.


Time FormatNumberPlaceholder
Seconds* 60{{ rank.req('playtime-minutes').total * 60 }}
Hours/ 60{{ rank.req('playtime-minutes').total / 60 }}
Days/ 1440{{ rank.req('playtime-minutes').total / 1440 }}