Rankup has an API which can be easily hooked in to. Firstly, to get an instance of the plugin, use


Rankups can be retrieved through Rankup#getRankups()


Rankup provides a PlayerRankupEvent and a PlayerPrestigeEvent from versions 3.11 onwards.

Custom requirements

If you would like to register your own requirements through Rankup, listen to the event sh.okx.rankup.events.RankupRegisterEvent.

When it is called, you can use RankupRegisterEvent#addRequirement to register requirements.

Please note that this event can be called multiple times, such as when /rankup3 reload is run.

Creating requirements

Rankup employs the prototype pattern for requirements. One instance is created, and it is cloned for each rank that has said requirement. Therefore, you must provide functionality for this.

Here is a simple example requirement for a player to be in a certain gamemode:

public class GamemodeRequirement extends Requirement {
  public GamemodeRequirement(Rankup plugin) {
    super(plugin, "gamemode");

  private GamemodeRequirement(Requirement clone) {

  public boolean check(Player player) {
    return player.getGameMode().name().equalsIgnoreCase(getValueString());

  public Requirement clone() {
    return new GamemodeRequirement(this);

If your requirement is not a true or false value and is instead a progessive number (eg money) you can extend sh.okx.rankup.requirements.ProgessiveRequirement and the method double Requirement#getProgess(Player). From there you can just return the number (ie a player's money).

If you would like to do something once a player ranks up with a rank using your requirement, you may also implement sh.okx.rankup.requirements.DeductibleRequirement.

If you need any help, please, contact me on Rankup's Discord server.