Minimum Requirements to use Rankup:

  • Vault
  • Vault-Compatible Group Management Plugin
    • LuckPerms is strongly recommended and will be used throughout the following examples to manage groups.
  • Pre-defined Permission Groups in prior Plugin for each rank/prestige.


Place the jar file in the plugins folder and start or restart the server. The first time you start your server with the Rankup jar file the default rankups.yml, config.yml, and locale will generate like this. Stop your server once the plugins have loaded. The rankups.yml file is where you will add your ranks to. It's recommended to read through all the comments before making changes.

Verify config.yml contains permission-rankup: false (default)

permission-rankup: true is not covered in the tutorial. See the Advanced Configuration to learn more about Manual Mode.

See this FAQ section before the next page of the Basic Configuration!