Kinds of Placeholders

There are 2 kinds of supported placeholders:

  • Pebble (preferred)
  • PAPI (external/soft-dependent)
    Old Placeholders are deprecated and may be removed in later versions.

PAPI Placeholders

Both Pebble and PAPI Placeholders are included with Rankup. No ecloud download required.
PlaceholderAPI placeholders can be used anywhere a Placeholder can be used inside Rankup's messages.
However, PAPI Placeholders are intended for use in other plugins.
Only use PAPI Placeholders from the Rankup Expansion inside of rankup's files when working inside a non-rankup PAPI placeholder.
To use Rankup's PAPI placeholders in MVdW Placeholder plugins like FeatherBoard, use {placeholderapi_<PAPI>} instead of %PAPI%.
For example, you might use {placeholderapi_rankup_current_rank} instead of %rankup_current_rank% in FeatherBoard.

Sub-requirements in placeholders

Requirements that support sub-requirements use the format <requirement> <sub-requirement> <amount>.
In placeholders, sub-requirements are rank.req('<requirement>#<sub-requirement>') or rank.req('<requirement>', '<sub-requirement>').
For example, with Pebble Placeholders can use either:

  • {{ rank.requirement('block-break', 'STONE').total }}
  • {{ rank.requirement('block-break#STONE').total }}
    Or in PlaceholderAPI:
  • %rankup_requirement_block-break#STONE%
    Use the spigot enum pages for mobs and items when declared in requirements.


NOTE: When a Placeholder outputs an unwanted decimal, like {{ rank.requirement('xp-level').total }} printing 5.0, use a filter to control the decimals.

Pebble PlaceholderRankup PAPI ExpansionOld PlaceholderRetrieved FromDescription
{{ player }}N/A{PLAYER}N/AThe calling player's name.
{{ rank }}%rankup_current_rank%{OLD_RANK}rank:Player's current rank.
{{ }}%rankup_current_rank_name%{OLD_RANK_NAME}display-name:display-name: of the current rank.
{{ next }}%rankup_next_rank%{RANK}next:Player's next rank.
{{ }}%rankup_next_rank_name%{RANK_NAME}display-name:display-name: of the next rank.
{{ rank.from }}%rankup_current_prestige%{FROM}from:Player's current prestige.
{{ }}%rankup_next_prestige%{TO}to:Player's next prestige.
None Equivalent%rankup_status_<rank>%None Equivalentstatus:Player's completion status: for the <rank>.
{{ seconds.remaining }}None Equivalent{SECONDS_LEFT}cooldown:Seconds left on a command cooldown.
{{ seconds }}None Equivalent{SECONDS}cooldown:Total command cooldown time in a rankup or prestige.

Requirement Placeholders

Use a requirement from the List of Requirements in place of <requirement> throughout the examples.

Pebble PlaceholderRankup PAPI ExpansionOld PlaceholderDescription
{{ rank.req('<requirement>').total }}%rankup_requirement_<requirement>%{AMOUNT <requirement>}Total <requirement>.
{{ rank.req('<requirement>').progress }}%rankup_requirement_<requirement>_done%{AMOUNT_DONE <requirement>}Progress towards <requirement>.
{{ rank.req('<requirement>').remaining }}%rankup_requirement_<requirement>_left%{AMOUNT_NEEDED <requirement>}Remaining <requirement>.
{{ rank.req('<requirement>').percent | percent }}%rankup_requirement_<requirement>_percent_done%{PERCENT_DONE <requirement>}Progress towards <requirement> in percent.
{{ (100 - rank.req('<requirement>').percent) | percent }}%rankup_requirement_<requirement>_percent_left%{PERCENT_LEFT <requirement>}Remaining <requirement> in percent.

Rankup PAPI Expansion Money Requirement Placeholders

The following money requirement placeholders provided by the Rankup PAPI Expansion only use the first of one of money or moneyh when both are listed in the requirements: section of a rankup or prestige step.

Rankup PAPI ExpansionDescription
%rankup_money% OR %rankup_prestige_money%Total amount required to rankup or prestige.
%rankup_money_formatted% OR %rankup_prestige_money_formatted%As above, formatted by shorten:.
%rankup_money_left% OR %rankup_prestige_money_left%Remaining amount required before the player may rankup or prestige.
%rankup_money_left_formatted%As above, formatted with the money filter.
%rankup_percent_done%Progress as a percent of the total of the money requirement.
%rankup_percent_done_formatted%As above, formatted to 2 decimals.
%rankup_percent_left%Remaining required as a percent of the total of the money requirement.
%rankup_percent_left_formatted%As above, formatted to 2 decimals.

Money Placeholders

To facilitate transitioning to the new Pebble Templates, corresponding Pebble Placeholder alternatives to each Old Placeholder for money are listed below.

Pebble PlaceholderOld PlaceholderDescription
{{ rank.req('money').total }}{AMOUNT money}Total money.
{{ rank.req('moneyh').total }}{AMOUNT moneyh}Total moneyh.
{{ rank.req('money').total | money }}{MONEY}Total money formatted using the money filter.
{{ rank.req('moneyh').total | money }}{MONEY}Total moneyh formatted using the money filter.
{{ rank.req('money').remaining }}{AMOUNT_NEEDED money}Remaining money.
{{ rank.req('moneyh').remaining }}{AMOUNT_NEEDED moneyh}Remaining moneyh.
{{ rank.req('money').remaining | money }}{MONEY_NEEDED}Remaining money formatted using the money filter.
{{ rank.req('moneyh').remaining | money }}{MONEY_NEEDED}Remaining moneyh formatted using the money filter.
{{ rank.req('money').percent | percent }}{PERCENT_DONE money}Progress towards money in percent.
{{ rank.req('moneyh').percent | percent }}{PERCENT_DONE moneyh}Progress towards moneyh in percent.
{{ (100 - rank.req('money').percent) | percent }}{PERCENT_LEFT money}Remaining money in percent.
{{ (100 - rank.req('moneyh').percent) | percent }}{PERCENT_LEFT moneyh}Remaining moneyh in percent.